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The eCitaro G.
The fully-electric articulated bus.

With its new fully-electric articulated bus, Mercedes-Benz is further expanding its role as a technological pioneer.
The eCitaro G marks yet another important step on the way to more environmentally friendly towns and cities offering a better quality of life. With a length of 18.13 metres, it is ideal for operations on routes with large numbers of passengers.

Follow Daniel Vorgerd (Project Manager Electric Drive Bus) around our brand-new eCitaro G.

Thanks to optional new and innovative solid-state batteries, the eCitaro G scores with a range of up to 220 kilometres, given average demands on speed and route topography.

Backed by this technology, both the eCitaro solo and eCitaro G receive a basic warranty for up to ten years or an energy throughput of up to 280 MWh per battery assembly. What’s more, raw materials such as cobalt, nickel and manganese are not used for this type of battery.

Due to their different characteristics, city buses with solid-state batteries cover different applications than the lithium-ion batteries (NMC batteries) used to date.

Mercedes-Benz gives transport operators the choice: the eCitaro G and eCitaro will both be available with the option of solid-state batteries or new, more powerful NMC batteries.

Explore the interactive 3D model (Please use Google Chrome).