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Safety is at the root of our DNA.

The latest safety innovations: Active Sideguard Assist with automated braking function and Active Drive Assist 2 with an emergency stop function which can automatically brake the vehicle to a complete halt in case of an emergency. Both available from June 2021. 

The new Active Sideguard Assist can not only warn the driver of moving pedestrians or cyclists on the passenger side, but also initiates an automated braking manoeuvre at turning speeds of up to 20 km/h in case the driver does not respond to the warning tones. Via the steering angle, the ASGA can recognise the necessity of a braking manoeuvre and, ideally, prevent a possible collision. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is the first truck manufacturer worldwide to offer such a system.

Find out more in our video.

Active Drive Assist (ADA) turned the new Actros into the world's first series truck to be capable of partially automated driving (SAE level 2). It can actively support the driver in the longitudinal and lateral guidance of the truck. The newest-generation ADA 2 can do even more: the system is capable of initiating an emergency stop if it recognises that the driver has not been actively involved in the driving process any longer., e.g. due to health problems. If the driver does not respond, even after multiple warnings, within its limits the system can brake until the truck safely comes to a standstill while warning the following vehicles using the hazard lights. If the truck comes to a standstill, the system can automatically engage the new electronic parking brake. In addition, the doors are unlocked so that help can reach the driver in case of a medical emergency.

Get all the details about Active Drive Assist 2 in the video.